Best Hotel Properties a.s. (BHP) invests in premium and luxury hotels mainly in the CEE region by purchasing assets or shares in subsidiaries. In addition to the ownership of the hotel shares, the group has been recently focusing on the administration of Hotels on behalf of third parties, as well as their management. The company’s equity is EUR 35,025,000.

Since 2009, BHP has been gradually broadening their portfolio by acquiring premium and luxury hotels operated by renowned hotel operators that guarantees the quality of the services provided. Each hotel from the exquisite BHP collection is among the so-called "trophy assets" - unique assets that create added value not just by their operational results, but also by their "trophy" rent, i.e. the value which investors are willing to pay for the unique location or the architecture of the hotel. The hotel portfolio includes the operator of luxury wellness clubs ZION SPA and a 50% share of a restaurant that is a part of the world famous Buddha-Bar network.

BHP group represents a platform for shares in premium hotel, offering the possibility to profit from the synergies that result from combined ownership and management. The Group's portfolio comprises of 922 hotel rooms owned directly by BHP. The group has also been building on their know-how that has been acquired in the course of their long-term involvement in the hotel industry as a hotel owner. In addition to ownership, the group also focuses on the administration of hotel assets. BHP on behalf of third parties administers or manages more than 700 four- or five-star hotel rooms in the Slovak market.